TAX SERVICES INDIVIDUAL TAX PREPERATION Our goal is to offer professional tax preparation at below tax mill prices.  DON’T BE A  BLOCKHEAD! GO TO A PROFESSIONAL CPA TO HAVE YOUR TAX RETURN  DONE.  Prices are starting points only.  The complexity of your return can’t be determined  until we actually sit down and prepare your return.  Our goal is to complete your return in  one appointment, and have your refund… on its way or know your tax liability at the end of  your appointment. We can amend any tax return prepared incorrectly to set your tax record straight.   NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES FOR EARNED INCOME CREDIT OR CHILD TAX CREDIT Our returns are electronically filed; refunds can be in your bank account in as little as eight  days.  If you don’t have a bank account, refunds can now be obtained on prepaid visa cards, are mailed at returns acceptance.  Less time than check returns.  BE VERY CAREFUL OF REFUND ANTICIPATION LOANS.  THEY COST YOU AN  UNREASONABLE AMOUNT OF MONEY.  WE DON’T OFFER THEM, HAVE YOUR  REFUND DEPOSITIED IN AS LITTLE AS EIGHT DAYS AND KEEP YOUR MONEY  IN YOUR POCKET. OUR GUARANTEE WE STAND BY OUR WORK If we make an error on a tax return based upon information that you supplied us in your tax  appointment, we will pay any additional penalty and interest that is assessed against you.   You pay only the taxes due at the time the return was filed. CORPORATE BUSINESS RETURNS CALL NANCY MARION CPA PC:  (719) 578-5528  for your appointment. Certified Public Accountant Professional Corporation NANCY MARION (719) 578-5528 Welcome Tax Services Accounting & Other Services Fax: (719) 578-9738 311 N. Union, Colorado Springs, CO 80909